Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation has evolved and adapted with the information technology industry over the past 20 years.
PCCC began in 1993 as Peregrine Hardware, Inc. reflecting the speed and intensity of the Peregrine Falcon and our focus on computer hardware. Our founders were Khuja “Kyle” Rajimi, Richard “Rich” Choi, and Kevin A. McGrail. The very first logo was based on the simple lines of an unfolded paper airplane. 


1993 and 1994 were whirlwind years with very little capital, even smaller staff, a growing customer base and a booming business. Christopher Surprise was employee #1, with many more to come. We loved computers, made quality products, and we spent a lot of time getting people situated with their new computers. We quickly established a foothold as the premier local computer manufacturer.


By 1995, Kyle and Rich formed Peregrine Distributors to focus on hardware distribution. 2Radical Technologies, founded by Mark Rorabaugh and Ryan Whelan, became our sister-company.


Became an Internet Service Provider in 1996. Peregrine Hardware added more computer software integration services and by 1996, we were offering web hosting and programming services in a very new industry. We realized our true value was in the exemplary service we provided to our customers and not our custom made systems.


In 1998, we became heavily involved in the cybersecurity community, leading to our work on the Apache SpamAssassin project.


We began working on a program to develop our database driven website which evolved over the years into the content management system, LunpaCMS. LunpaCMS would become a key part of our web business enabling us to work on some very large websites.


The year 2000 brought a lot of change as we officially stopped selling our own branded computers. As 2000 continued, the internet bubble burst and many of our competitors/friends went out of business. Luckily, we bucked the trend and survived thanks to a lot of great customers and partnering with companies like Dell, Lenovo/IBM and HP instead of competing with them.


In 2003, we formally changed our name to Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation and adopted the logo you see above.




Raptor Email Security
In May 2004, started publishing spam, phishing, and malware research, rules, and threat data that now protects over 30% of all the domains on the internet.
In 2006, we began serving trusted beta customers with an industry-leading, outsourced anti-Spam system that focused on algorithms and eschewed the normal “blacklist/whitelist” mentality of the industry. In 2008, we formally named it Raptor Anti-Spam continuing our homage to the Peregrine Falcon.



In 2012, we consolidated our IT Division with ShipShape IT giving customers a fixed-price, managed IT system called Critical MaaS.
PCCC Sticky Logo
PCCC is a member of cybersecurity communities for anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-malware helping protect the inboxes of hundreds of millions of users daily.


We are web experts who have worked on multi-million dollar projects, Fortune 100 firms and publicly traded company websites. We owe a lot to our customers for consistently referring us to others. We look forward to continuing to bring you the same amazing customer service that you’ve come to expect since 1993.

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